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Every sections receives a data-height for it's height which means you're able to select any height you want. Want if to be full screen? data-height="100%"

Thinking of mobile (parallax needs big images, kenburns is too heavy and video won't autoplay) every section accepts data-bg-image-mobile. It receives a fallback image for smaller devices and will display a normal background image. This will save a lot of bandwidth for your users!

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Posted by Admin / 19 March, 2015

The Living Room

XXI century gave a rise to yet another revolution in Europe, but this time it's not a french grizzly struggle for human rights. It's a choice of a luxury that came straight from scandinavian lands. Your living room will never be the same!

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Board Image 2
Posted by Admin / 18 March, 2015

Our Big Fireplace

Once a young russian furniture designer claimed that both "empires of west and east strife for a simplicity in their houses that can keep up the pace with a modern man". Thus began a new trend of house decore.

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Board Image 3
Posted by Admin / 18 March, 2015

More than garage

Remember the times when music bands and computer companies rose from small, smelly garages? Those times are way behind us, or are they? Learn for yourself why a garage can now become a substitution for your living.

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